Welcome on the guestbook page of the Missing soldiers in the Netherlands 1940-1945, feel free to post any questions, or remarks regarding any missing soldiers.

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    Peter Beasley (donderdag, 27 september 2018 09:31)

    Great site, very interesting, keep up the good work

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    Philip Reinders (maandag, 21 mei 2018 08:59)

    Your Welcome Mark.

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    Mark Crossley (woensdag, 28 februari 2018 21:45)

    Firstly, thank you for providing some information on my Grandad, William T Crossley, who was on board Dakota KG370. I visited the cemetery yesterday and it was incredibly emotional. I also visited the crash site but was unable to distinguish the exact location. I was a little disappointed his name was not in the register at the cemetery, despite the suggestion he is believed GK be in grave 22.c.20. I intend to visit again in an effort to find out more about the crash site and those on board. I would be very grateful for any further information you could provide. I would also be grateful if it were possible for his name to be included in the register. My email address is if either of these are possible. Thank you very much, Mark Crossley

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    Philip Reinders (donderdag, 25 januari 2018 07:37)

    A nice and good response from the CWGC after a mail from me last November:
    Today I went to visit the above cemetery, and photographed the following grave, however I cannot trace this grave in the CWGC records, the grave on Plot 69, Row C, Collective Grave 14, I can find in your records and that holds an early date of 1 and 16 June 1943, see attached, would there be a mix up that there are two graves with the same date and the other might be an empty grave?

    Dear Mr. Reinders

    First and foremost, I would like to apologize for this late reply, but it has taken a long time to investigate this matter.

    After an on-the-spot inspection and further research in our archive, we were able to establish that in 1973 the gravestone for 'Sgt C Green' and 'An Airman of the 1939-1945 War' was erected in the wrong place. This tombstone had to replace those of the 2 unknown Sgts, which are to the right of the headstone for Flt / Lt Eldrdige and F / O Wahl. This will now be corrected and we will have this done by our people. I do not know exactly when this will happen but this will be scheduled during a next working visit to the Netherlands.

    Thanks for letting us know.