Nijmegen 22-02-1944


The internet has been searched for information/documentation about those who are mention as being killed in several sources. 

If anyone has some more information, please let me know.

The Bombing of Nijmegen (22 February 1944) was an unplanned aerial bombing raid by the United States Army Air Forces on the city of Nijmegen in the Netherlands, then occupied by Nazi Germany. In terms of the number of victims, it was one of the largest bombardments of a Dutch city during World War II. Officially, nearly 800 people (almost all of them civilians) were killed by accident due to careless bombing, but because people that were in hiding could not be counted, the actual death toll is probably higher. A large part of the historic city centre was destroyed, including Saint Steven's Church; Saint Augustine's Church and Nijmegen railway station (the intended target were heavily damaged as well.


Because the Dutch government-in-exile in London, which was able to reestablish itself on the continent in early 1945 thanks to the U.S. Army and other Allies' military efforts, tried to avoid criticism against the countries it was relying on for its liberation and future security, it and local authorities largely remained silent on the misfortunate events for decades after, leaving survivors with unaddressed grief and questions, and allowing wild conspiracy theories to thrive. Although officials long maintained it had been an 'erroneous bombardment', as if Nijmegen was the wrong target, historical research has shown that the attack was definitely intentional, but had been executed terribly.