Landing Craft Gun 101 (M)

The Landing Craft Gun (LCG) was another LCT conversion intended to give supporting fire to the landing. Apart from the Oerlikon armament of a normal LCT, each LCG(Medium) had two British Army 25 pounder gun-howitzers in armoured mountings, while LCG(L)3 and LCG(L)4 both had two 4.7-inch naval guns (12 cm).

Crewing was similar to the LCF. LCGs played a very important part in the Walcheren operations in October 1944.

Name: Damen, Robert Joseph Norman

Rank: Leutenant



Unit:Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Commando

Missing since: 01-11-1944

Next of Kin:

Portsmouth Panel: 88, Column 1


KIA Information: Known to have been killed in Vlissingen/Walcheren area.



A landing craft gun (medium) (almost certainly LCG (M) 101) sinking with crew abandoning ship after she was hit by shore batteries during the landing by Royal Marine commandos on the island of Walcheren at Westkapelle, the most western point of the island. Smoke of the battle on shore is in the background. One of the LCG's 17 pounder gun turrets can be clearly seen; also note the man just about to strike the water and another preparing to jump, near the turret.