Welcome on the guestbook page of the Missing soldiers in the Netherlands 1940-1945, feel free to post any questions, or remarks regarding any missing soldiers.

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    Philip Reinders (vrijdag, 03 april 2020 16:23)

    Hello Nicole

    Can you contact me via the email of this page.

    Thnks Philip

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    Nicole Nadeau (donderdag, 02 april 2020 20:16)

    Thank you so much!
    Thanks to this site I have found additional information on my grandfather's brother Roland Yvan Lamoureux. I am not even sure my mother has this!
    Would it be possible to send the documents to me via mail?

    If so do let me know how I can proceed,

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    James Jonnes (zaterdag, 07 maart 2020 07:58)

    Fantastic piece of work!

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    Philip Reinders (vrijdag, 28 februari 2020 12:51)

    Hello Sue, this comes from documents found in the archives, I am not sure if I have a copy, but will check my records.

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    Sue Bowen (donderdag, 27 februari 2020 17:15)

    Dear Philip,

    Do you have any information about my Uncle, Fransis Simpson who was missing 23 September 1944, having been shot down in Dakota. He was a dispatcher. Please could you tell me where you found that he was wounded and taken for first aid? Many thanks for such a wonderful website. Sue

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    David Giles (donderdag, 23 januari 2020 20:35)

    Hello Phillip,

    Congratulations on a great web-site.

    Do you have any further information relating to my relative Observer Sgt Islwyn D.Scourfield who was shot down in a Blenheim IV T1832 which crashed in the North Sea off Texel on 16/6/1941?

    The pilot also missing in action was F/O Ralph R. Langley DFC.
    W/Op-Air Gnr. Sgt Harry Gretton was found drifted ashore and was buried at Fovrfelt cemetery.
    Islwyn D.Scourfield (973878) is commemorated at Runnymede Memorial, Panel 51

    Any information regarding the crew, plane etc. would be welcome. Please copy anything you have to my e-mail address below.

    Kind regards,

    David Giles

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    William Timbrell (dinsdag, 14 januari 2020 11:13)

    Fantastic piece of research, keep this going well done Sir.

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    Philip Reinders (dinsdag, 14 januari 2020 11:11)

    Hello Ash

    Glad to hear that you find the site interesting, However my research only covers the Netherlands, the best thing would to go to National Archives in Kew, and check the Battalions War Diary:

    Reference: WO 171/5286
    4 Welch Regiment

    Date: 1945 Jan.-Dec.
    Held by: The National Archives, Kew
    Legal status: Public Record(s)
    Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

    Good luck with your research Philip

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    Ash Bonynge-Pearce (zondag, 12 januari 2020 21:43)

    Hi Phillip

    Fantastic selection of information you have here.

    My great uncle raymond bertram Pearce was killed 8/3/45 and buried at reichswald forest cemetery.

    Do you have any photographs of him or the 4th battalion Welch regiment or any further information about the 4th battalions movements during ww2?


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    Jan Jolie (maandag, 02 december 2019 15:16)

    Beste Philip,

    Een klein correctie op de leeftijd van John Stuart Mee Bromley hij was 24, hij is op 16 maart 1916 geboren.

    Een goede kennis van mijn is bezig in Engeland om via Facebook, in contact te komen met familie.

    Misschien bekend ? namelijk ik heb in 2000 een boek uitgegeven 'Luchtgevechten boven West-Brabant en de Biesbosch' over de verliezen van de 'B Flight' van 264 Squadron op 13 mei 1940.

    Nu mijn vraag is: Wat is de bron van de Brief aan Mrs. Clover, die geschreven is door P/O S/R Thomas o 11 november 1946.

    Je zou er mij een groot plezier meedoen.

    Met vriendelijke groet, Jan Jolie

    John Stuart Mee Bromley was born on the 16th March 1916 at 2 Rossett Ave, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, England. His Birth Certificate details no father and his mother is detailed as Constance Maud Bromley a Linen & Stores Manageress of 2 Toft Street, Edge Lane, Liverpool

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    Philip Reinders (donderdag, 14 november 2019 10:53)

    Hallo Niek

    Als ik in de buurt kom dan geef ik je even een bettletje van te voren.

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    Niek Hendrix (donderdag, 14 november 2019 10:46)


    ik heb een prive museum over bevrijding. Ik zag naam van vermiste van de 7e pantserdivisie waar ik onderzoek naar doe. Bij deze uitgenodigd om museum te bezoeken.

    nummer 0622470376

    gr niek

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    Philip Reinders (vrijdag, 01 november 2019 10:24)

    Thanks Chris

    I have removed that information, as when copying the name, I forgot to remove it.

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    Chris Carley (vrijdag, 01 november 2019 04:54)

    Hi glad to have found your site . I never knew my Great Uncle Corporal Walter Richard Sharp
    RASC Airborne #2 Platoon at this link
    his relatives are correct Eileen was my Great Aunt . The next of kin of the serviceman next to him on that page are also shown as Eileen Gladys etc which would appear to be incorrect Walters next of kin are correct never met Mr & Mrs Sharp but my Aunt continued to visit them after Walter was confirmed missing. I am not sure that they were aware that the report of him being killed that night was made. I was born in 56 so never met Walter but your picture ave me some idea what he looked liked Thank You

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    Philip Reinders (vrijdag, 11 oktober 2019 17:07)


    Stuur even een mail naar: dan kan ik kijken wat ik voor je kan betekenen.

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    Sue Bowen (zaterdag, 21 september 2019)

    Dear Philip, what a wonderful website. Thank you. My Uncle Francis William Richard Simpson was missing on 23.9.1944 having been a Lance Corporal dispatcher on the Dakota KG 370. The photo you have of the two white 'grave markers' elsewhere on your site was given to me by the museum at Oosterbeek saying this was of the crash. I'm not sure now though. You say that Frank (francis) might have been wounded and taken for first aid. This is the first time I have heard this, I always thought he was killed when the plane crashed. He flew with William Crossley mentioned in another message. Any information you have regarding Frank would be greatly appreciated. I do have a photo of him in civilian clothes if you would like a copy. Thank you again. Sue

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    Philip Reinders (donderdag, 22 augustus 2019 15:21)

    Hello David

    Please contact me at

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    David Emson (donderdag, 22 augustus 2019 11:18)

    My Father was John Stanley Butten . I see you have posted a picture of him on this website.It's the first image of him have have seen thank you. If there is any more information you can sent me I would be grateful

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    Ph Reinders (maandag, 29 juli 2019 16:37)

    David John Emson, hope you have a good time at September, the location on which your Dad and his comrades were run into the ambush, has altered little.

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    David John Emson (maandag, 29 juli 2019 16:05)

    Lost my father sometime between sept 18th and the 25th. His name was John Stanley Butten of platoon 1 of the 250 Light Composite Company RASC. He was part of the second drop on the 18th sept. He was reported missing in action but has no known grave, Am coming to this years (2019) ceremony in Arnhem, after 75 years it's time I came.

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    Anthony Denton (zaterdag, 09 maart 2019 22:41)

    Hello Philip
    I have placed a message to you in your 'contact' folder.
    I look forward to your response.

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    Ph Reinders (zaterdag, 09 maart 2019 10:49)

    Dear Anthony, please contact me at the email adress at "contact

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    Anthony W Denton (zaterdag, 09 maart 2019 09:55)

    My father-in-law is John Names McNee, 4th Lincolns. Killed in action at Groenewoud, nr Driel on 6 March 1945 with his comrade J I Hyde. You refer to them as being possibly identified a burial in 1948 in Oosterbeek Cemetery after being "found at the farm". Any information about this would be appreciated. I can supply my email.
    Also, did you report it to the MoD in2007?

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    Peter Beasley (donderdag, 27 september 2018 09:31)

    Great site, very interesting, keep up the good work

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    Philip Reinders (maandag, 21 mei 2018 08:59)

    Your Welcome Mark.

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    Mark Crossley (woensdag, 28 februari 2018 21:45)

    Firstly, thank you for providing some information on my Grandad, William T Crossley, who was on board Dakota KG370. I visited the cemetery yesterday and it was incredibly emotional. I also visited the crash site but was unable to distinguish the exact location. I was a little disappointed his name was not in the register at the cemetery, despite the suggestion he is believed GK be in grave 22.c.20. I intend to visit again in an effort to find out more about the crash site and those on board. I would be very grateful for any further information you could provide. I would also be grateful if it were possible for his name to be included in the register. My email address is if either of these are possible. Thank you very much, Mark Crossley

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    Philip Reinders (donderdag, 25 januari 2018 07:37)

    A nice and good response from the CWGC after a mail from me last November:
    Today I went to visit the above cemetery, and photographed the following grave, however I cannot trace this grave in the CWGC records, the grave on Plot 69, Row C, Collective Grave 14, I can find in your records and that holds an early date of 1 and 16 June 1943, see attached, would there be a mix up that there are two graves with the same date and the other might be an empty grave?

    Dear Mr. Reinders

    First and foremost, I would like to apologize for this late reply, but it has taken a long time to investigate this matter.

    After an on-the-spot inspection and further research in our archive, we were able to establish that in 1973 the gravestone for 'Sgt C Green' and 'An Airman of the 1939-1945 War' was erected in the wrong place. This tombstone had to replace those of the 2 unknown Sgts, which are to the right of the headstone for Flt / Lt Eldrdige and F / O Wahl. This will now be corrected and we will have this done by our people. I do not know exactly when this will happen but this will be scheduled during a next working visit to the Netherlands.

    Thanks for letting us know.