Welcome on the guestbook page of the Missing soldiers in the Netherlands 1940-1945, feel free to post any questions, or remarks regarding any missing soldiers.

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    Philip Reinders (dinsdag, 15 september 2020 17:29)

    Glad to hear you like the website, Ruth.
    Corrections made :)

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    Ruth (dinsdag, 15 september 2020 04:54)

    I came across this website when looking for information on my great uncle, who was a paratrooper with the 82 Airborne (505 PIR). I learned a lot about the temporary war cemeteries and identification and retrieval process. Thank you so much for the website and thank you to the people of Molenhoek where he was buried temporarily on Sept 23, 1944.

    P.S. The English is quite good but I noticed a few corrections that need to be made. On the introduction page, the word "of" in the sentence "It started of as a website" should be spelled "off". In the next paragraph, "progress" should be "process".

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    Philip Reinders (zondag, 14 juni 2020 15:21)

    Your welcome Linda.

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    Linda Boyer (zaterdag, 13 juni 2020 17:39)

    I am the daughter of Real Rolland Boyer, 23rd Field Company RCE. While my dad survived Arnhem, so many did not. These men were heroes, thank you for remembering them.